Update 27th April 2016: The web service that hosts my images is closing down at the end of this month. They gave us users a couple of months warning, which should have been plenty of time to find an alternative. But things being what they are, the first host I tried cut me off after two days saying I (i.e. you users) was using their service too much.

The next three I tried generated their own problems including one not letting me upload anything for testing until I had signed everything over to them, another that tried to extract from my bank 35 for an add-on I had neither requested nor authorised, and a third that intermittently redirected users (fortunately only test users) to 'adult' pages! I'm now on my fifth option which looks promising.

However the very day I was planning on switching my pages to pick up the images from the new host, the service that hosts the pages developed a fault which meant I couldn't upload the neccessary changes, and it only came back this morning. It only came back this morning, the old image host is due to be switched off tommorrow, but as of now all the images should be coming from the new host, and things should continue as before.

But if you find any problems, please let me know.

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