Regimental War Diaries of 209 Battalion and 53rd Regiment.

209 Battalion (Harry's battalion)

April 1st - Individual training continued from previous month.
April 2nd and 5th - Battery scheme held at Goelzin.
April 9th - Battery holds scheme in the Beaumont district.
April 12th - The Battery moves to Flines-les-Raches. Battery is on six hours notice.
April 14th - Bty. B.Echelon moves to new quarters at Coutiches. The other troops stationed in the Flines area.
April 15th - Individual training resumed.
April 16th - The Battery engaged on the rifle range at Flines.
April 23rd - Battery returns to Dourges.
April 26th The Battery visits Vimy Ridge.
May 1st - Training continued.
May 3rd - The Battery takes part in the Regimental Sports held at Henin-Lietard.
May 10th - The Battery moves to Bruyelles (near Tournai).
May 11th - The Battery moves to Antoing and district. Troops engaged in protecting the roads from aerial attack.
May 15th - Battery moves to Waterloo.
May 16th - "C" Troop (Harry's Troop) positions at Waterloo bombed. Sgt. Hesford, Gnrs. Bradley, Tanner and Plevy killed, Bdr. Holmes and Gnr. Bingham wounded.
May 17th - The Battery withdraws to the French border in troops.
May 20th - The Battery reassembles at Mouchin (Belgium).
May 23rd - The Battery moves to Cassel in troops.
May 25th - A, B and C Troops occupy positions in Cassel. "B" Echelon stationed at Steenvorde.
May 28th - "B" Troop takes up new positions at Poperinghe. Gnrs. Bolton and Cole killed, L/Bdr. Hughes and Gnr. Pritchard wounded, Gnr. Skelton taken prisoner. "B" Troop withdraws to Steenvoorde, "A" and "C" still in Cassel.
May 29th - The Battery composed mainly of "B" Troop and B Echelon withdraws to Dunkirk.

53rd Regiment

Noyelles Godault.
May 1st to 9th - Training continued. Men supplied for R.E. fatigue party in connection with the construction of an aerodrome surface at Esquichin.
May 3rd - Regimental Sports held at the Stadium, Henin Lietard. Result:- 1st 210 Bty., 2nd 209 Bty., 3rd 212 Bty., 4th 211 Bty.
May 6th - Regimental Cross Country Run. Winner 210 Bty.
May 10th - Belgium invaded.
May 10th to 30th - there follows an account by Lt. Col. E.J. Medley O.B.E., M.C. which concludes with It's (the Regiments) final action, west of Cassel, was splendidly fought, and it withdrew to the beach full of fight and in good fettle, in spite of heavy casualties, which included the Battery Commander and the Captain.

My thanks to Aldrin Bedwell who sent me copies of these War Diaries he obtained from the Public Records Office at Kew.